Sugarbird Honey

About Us

Sugarbird Honey traces its sweet origins to a momentous occasion – the wedding of Andrea and Dayne. What began as a thoughtful gesture for their guests, providing jars of honey as wedding favours, soon blossomed into a full-fledged passion for beekeeping and the art of crafting pure, raw honey.

From Favour to Passion:
As the jars of honey made their way into the hands of delighted wedding guests, Andrea and Dayne discovered a shared passion for beekeeping. The fascination with these incredible pollinators and the intricate dance of nature’s processes ignited a spark that would change the course of their lives.

Nurturing Nature’s Sweetness:
Driven by a newfound love for bees and a commitment to sustainability, Andrea and Dayne embarked on a journey to establish Sugarbird Honey. Their bee-friendly farm in Kimberley became a haven for bees, carefully cultivated to support their well-being and the natural biodiversity of the region.

Pure Raw Honey Craftsmanship:
Sugarbird Honey takes pride in adhering to ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices. The honey extraction and production process are a labor of love, ensuring that every jar of Sugarbird Honey is 100% pure, raw and non-irradiated – a testament to the dedication to preserving the natural goodness and unique flavours of the Northern Cape landscape.

A Community-Driven Endeavor:
Beyond the honeycombs and hives, Sugarbird Honey values its connection with the local community. The couple is passionate about sharing their knowledge of beekeeping and fostering an understanding of the crucial role bees play in maintaining ecological balance. Through educational initiatives and community engagement, Sugarbird Honey strives to create a bee-friendly world.

Experience the Love in Every Jar:
At Sugarbird Honey, every jar encapsulates the love story of Andrea and Dayne, the dedication to beekeeping, and the essence of Northern Cape. From wedding favours to a thriving small business, Sugarbird Honey invites you to experience the sweetness that arises when nature, love, and community come together.

Join us on this buzzing journey and savor the golden gift that is Sugarbird Honey – where sweetness is not just a flavor but a reflection of a shared love for bees and the pure, raw honey they produce.